Blistex has been committed throughout their 60-plus years to operating as a socially responsible company. On the sustainability front, while they have had a number of recycling and resource conservation programs in place for many years, in 2008 they took a hard look at their practices and those of other good companies, and it became clear that they could do more. As a result, they began a broad program to quickly identify and implement meaningful changes to reduce their environmental impact. Toward this end, they created the Greenspeed Team, led by employees from a variety of functional areas who had already expressed an interest in driving this effort. In close collaboration with general management and the leaders of all groups in our organization, aggressive goals were set for Greenspeed, and they have rapidly executed a significant number of initiatives designed to improve their sustainability efforts along three primary fronts:

•Ensuring a responsible approach to the amount, sourcing, and material content of their packaging while meeting the need to deliver high quality and innovative OTC drug products to their consumers and retail partners.
•Changing the way they operate and update their facilities, equipment and on-site practices.
•Elevating the consciousness of their entire staff about how they can change behaviors away from work.

Click here for examples of Blistex's sustainability efforts in each of these areas that they've implemented in just the past few years.


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Working with the best in the business keeps them at their best. Today, staying a step ahead in the area of sustainability means meeting the needs of the present generation without sacrificing the needs of the future generations. Their clients are constantly under pressure to meet stricter sustainability standards and they want to partner with customers to utilize the most responsible methods without losing sight of safety, cost and schedule.

During the pre-construction, planning and sourc­ing phase of a construction project is where the conceptualization occurs for greater sustainability over the life-cycle of a building. It is in the early planning phase that Graycor is able to provide value in assessing the cost and quality of building materials as well as logistics expertise.

To ensure they are giving their clients the best possible advice, they not only have 15+ LEED®-Accredited professionals on staff, but they also look to consistently educate their team in the methods, materials and technology needed to complete projects in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. This includes the latest in building-information modeling, web-based project management tools and other collaborative project management technologies.

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